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Hopefully this is everything you need to know :-) 

I used to run a photography studio full time. Now I play during the academic year in a setting four school where I lead drum circles, dance/movement opportunities, meditation and general merriment for all ages of students with very unique mental, physical, and emotional needs; it’s magic! I do this while rocking a snitch of modeling and commercial acting on the side. 


It is very important to me to save a bit of time for photography. I love it and I love clicking you and the ones you love. Sheila and I have chosen perfect summer photography dates to play. Unfortunately I can’t commit to many fall clicking days because I am unsure what I will be doing then. I may open days up on a pop-up basis, but I can’t promise, so my hope is you will book established session days.


We are making senior photos a priority in booking. Also, we will be mostly at Lyndale Park Peace Garden at Lake Harriet this year on Sundays and Centennial Lakes on Fridays because that is what is best for the senior photos.  


My pricing has gone up. I know you know the price point is worth it and I will take the best care of you. If the price is prohibitive to your humans getting senior photos, let me know. 


Payment - I prefer cash, venmo, or check 🙂 Sheila will help with this at the session.


Please arrive 15 minutes early. My sessions are back to back and I want you to have all the time possible for photos.


Bring grandparents, cousins, etc. Share senior photos sessions! I don’t charge by the number of people and we can get a ton of pictures in a limited amount of time. Bring your people let’s make some memories!


All the good photos will be edited and provided in a gallery. You can share, print, use the photos however you like. 


PLEASE book quickly and don’t wait. Additionally please respond to Sheila as soon as you can so that she is not trying to save dates and such; it is a real wrangle organizing these sessions; Bless Sheila! 


I can’t wait to see you and your people. Hugs! 

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