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I am a believer in merriment, magic, moments, and miracles. I am a subscriber to healing, hope, and helping. I celebrate failing-forward by embracing adversity, clinging to resilience, and leaning into to the sparkle of endless possibility. My life is currently a zillion vulnerable moments woven into the greatest adventure.


My days are filled with life on both sides of the camera lens. I am a high energy photographer, writer, public speaker, emcee and spokesmodel with a gift of making people feel loved, comfortable and full of merriment. Rallying with pure, authentic, infectious energy is my superpower!


I am an antenna that channels the very best in every moment! Like an event pace-car, I am joy scaffolding, and a vibration raiser that lets everyone know it is ok to have fun, be their best, and that they are safe. What I bring to the interaction-table is people understand I will never let them fall, thusly they SHINE.


All kinds of pictures,  all kinds of people, all kinds of fun…let me lead you with a giant smile and pure all in care.


Lean in and hug big, I got you!!

I LOVE Instagram!

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