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Why I find hearts in the natural world. We are not alone.

Updated: Apr 28, 2018

I collect images of hearts in the natural world because they remind me that I am not alone. There are forces at work that love me, that love you, that love allll of us. They are with us, always.

📷Every woman leads two lives, the one she dedicates to others; her parents, her children, her lover…then there is the life of selfish abandon that we dream about when we curl into a ball under heavy blankets, submerge ourselves under water in a warm bath, or let the wind catch our hair in wild bliss. Every woman understands that feeling of starting her car in the chill of the morning and thinking for one brief second…I could drive to work… OR… I could drive away to anywhere, fly, roam, escape. Hands firmly on the wheel we show up day after wild and crazy day to care for others and dream of the gypsy life, that for one beautiful moment, we could perhaps stop sacrificing ourselves and live free and wild with dirty feet, flowers in our hair and endless sparkles in our eyes.

This is our secret; so we hug each other, we hug each others children, and we know that we carry the world. And then we get back to our work on this earth and pour into those we love, endlessly and with no regrets. We love with fierce resilience in the deep knowing that we carry humanity. We are not alone on this meandering….


Nature knows our journey because Mother Earth is no different than you or me. She too longs for freedom, for love, for wild abandon, to dance in the universe, to bloom, to flow, and to unfurl on a whim. Still, she anchors here to heal us, to comfort us, to teach us. So she sends messages of wisdom and hope in the flowers, in the trees, in the waters…she says “Be still my daughters. You are safe, you are loved, and you are whole.”

Celebrate our collective mother, the Earth, by connecting to her wisdom and infinite love. Her sacred heartfelt guidance is without end. I bring you these images to remind you that we are all wanderers on the earth, walking home together, feet in the grass, under the same moon, and that our mother, The Source, loves us….she loves us so very, very, very much.

Be still, breathe and see her messages. Amen.

I am –📷

I am a believer in merriment, magic, moments, and miracles. I am a subscriber to healing, hope, and helping. I believe in life on the skinny branches because it is there that I feel the most vulnerable and consequently the most impactful.

Truths I know…

We are for each other. All of us. Together.

The happiest endings come from hard beginnings.

Life’s best compass is rooted in always doing the next right thing. And then the next.

Parachutes can be woven out of everything broken.

Ridiculously happy moments and profoundly sad moments are both limitlessly valuable.


For me, life is ruled by seasons. Not only seasons of the natural world…but, seasons of earthly life. The season of sleepless nights when your babies are little. The season of expansion when you grow in your career. The season of retraction when you take stock and rest. The seasons of celebrations and the seasons of loss. No season is more pinnacle than another. All are worth presence in this time and place. THIS is season is your life. This moment is widely important. What is happening in this earthly life season that needs to be wrangled and timelessly captured? Lean in, we are for each other.


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