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Life is a dance! Manifest

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

It is the time to plant and grow and most importantly unfurl. I would like to share with a you a life recipe for manifesting. Manifesting is the divine knowledge that you can create in your life exactly what you need. It’s different than magic, cause it takes repetition work and most importantly laser focus and unparalleled heart-faith in yourself and in the universe.

As humans, we have an innate intuition that is born of divinity and should be trusted at all costs. Some of you feel that intuition in your heart, or in your gut, or in your head (third eye), When you are still and if you are tuned in, you can feel it. We need to trust that as we do the next right thing in our lives.

Manifesting takes determination. Children are the best little gurus. Let’s look at a child learning to walk. A crawler feels compelled to stand and then to step. They may fall 100 times, but never once do they think, “Screw this, I give up, this is too hard, too painful and pointless.” They simply try the next thing and the next thing until they are in fact, walking!

Manifesting is exactly like learning to walk. I would normally segway into a conversation about how to determine what you want to manifest in you life, but I found in our heart of hearts we all know what we want (need) and it is only the clarity and the call to action that we lack. So here is the rally cry to make your desire a reality.

Let’s begin talking about life in general and how to dive into a life of manifesting. Perspective is everything!!!! The way you view and internalize the happenings of your life play out exponentially in the way you experience your life unfolding.

Life is a dance. It a constant two steps forward, one step back, three steps forward, four steps back. It is really just a cha cha. Life is a cha cha. Knowing that this earthly journey is just a forward and back flow will saveyou from getting stuck. Sometimes when we look at alllll the things, we get paralyzed. But if we focus on our intuition and we just lean into to do the next right thing, we can dance.

If you don’t think you know the next right thing to do…allow me this analogy. Picture this, you are trying to make a decision about something so you decide to flip a coin. Here is the thing about this scenario…while that coin is in the air…you secretly know which way you want that coin to land. You know the next right thing. That is the power of your Divine intuition. It’s guiding you. Trust it – trust yourself.

Now sometimes in your life cha cha there is a roadblock, misstep, heavenly intervention or the like.  That’s totally ok. It’s called a plot twist. So as you are cha cha-ing along and you hit a wall, simply throw your hands in the air, yell “PLOT TWIST”, and change dance-lanes and carry on. Now you are cha cha-ing in a new directions and that is a beautiful dance too.

In the world, according to Autumn, manifesting is 6 step spiral process. What I mean by that is it is in constant motion and one layer is constantly in play with all the other layers. Manifesting is a lifestyle of awake-ness and constant growth cha cha-ing.

Ask~ Get clear! Ask for what you need. You have angels around you. They are here for YOU! Ask them for help, out loud and often. We have this tricky thing on Earth called free-will. The universe and all the things can not act on your behalf unless you sanction it. You need to meditate and pray to tap into the goodness and write and chat with angels and humans to put the things you desire into play. The clarity that you need will come in this process. I promise.

Act~ You will know when to act. There will be a point when you can’t actually step backward. Something will change and shift and you can’t unknow the things you know. You will be compelled forward and should ride on the glorious momentum.

Believe ~ Once you get a snitch of clarity you must act. Manifesting is a verb. Let’s think of a garden. When you know the garden you want to grow, you make space for it, you prepare for it and you plant something with full confidence that the seeds you planted, with the right care, will grow. You don’t expect it to happen over night. You know that there will be sun and rain and storms. You know that some days will have big growth and some days there might be hail. But you know, that the seeds you plant will persevere and that in the right season with the right attention, they will grow. You must believe this to be true. Same with manifesting ~ You must believe.

Stay Awake~ Growing a garden is work and so is manifesting. And sometimes it is the passion filled heart based work that is the most draining, but you must stay awake. You can rest, but you can not quit. The days the storm brews, you can feel all the feels and breathe and be still, but you cannot give up and most importantly, you can not numb out. Numbing out is when we lean into our addictions and flee to our escape routes to lessen the feels. The thing is when we do that, we halt our personal progression. So when you are triggered, fed up, exhausted by the garden you are manifesting…rest, but don’t quit. Stay awake for the growth.

Tend~ Growing a garden starts with good soil. Nurture and enrich the environment that you and your garden are growing. Receive and acknowledge lessons that are brought to you. Nourish yourself with self-love and positive talk. Weed out that which does not serve to better your health and purpose. Give yourself the best most pure input possible. Find gratitude in the gathering of goodness to help you follow and listen to your heart.

Let Go~ Let go when the signs are there. Plot twists in your life can be abrupt. When you get stuck, look for another truth or perspective and see if that helps you see the next right thing to do. Let storms pass when they need to and be prepared that your garden may see days of drought. Know when it is time to let go of things not flourishing and to replant new adventures.

Most importantly, reach for clarity about what is growing in this garden and let past plant-beds lie. What grew in another season has seen its day; honor it and let it rest in the past. Let the knowledge of yesterday give you fodder for healthy newness and know that yesterdays mis-plants only enrich the soil of new seasons.

~It is your time to plant and grow and unfurl. May the light of the Universe follow you every where you go and may magic and your ability to manifest take flight in your life of endless potential. Amen.


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