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Family sessions are a well dressed play date!

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Family photos can feel overwhelming. Don't let them. Your life is amazing excatly as it is with…your oldest running around like a crazy kid, your youngest drooling, and your partner totally intolerant of photos. We got this! Great photos reflect you life, at this moment, but hopefully in clean-ish clothes. lipstick intact and in good lighting. So enjoy the session as it is, embrace the experience. I will take care of you and you will have awesome photos!

Awesome photos happen when you come with the mindset that we are going to play and have a good time. Let's keep the kids happy. They get to run this show. We will encourage them to be themselves, by jumping, running, and enjoying the general merriment that kids innately bring to the party. If we go with the flow they will too! And organically we will get some great personality photos and sneak in the awesome family pictures where people actually look truly happy.

Let's keep em' happy. We do this by dressing for comfort. If the kiddos are too hot, too cold, too itchy, too….oh the list goes on and on…it can fall apart. So, friend~ Try to find the balance of cute-ing them up while keep them comfy. A perhaps comfy takes the form of bringing snacks and favorite things. And by all means, feel free to bribe them! It works and we are not above a good candy incentive.

Here is the important thing, sister. There is no judgement from me. If the your kiddo has a meltdown or your partner wonders off to play Candy Crush. We will bob and weave our way through this shoot and take awesome pictures. I had a photography session last year for my own family. Here is my truth; my hubby lasted 16 minutes before he announced he was done because he said it was too hot (grrrrrrr) and my son would not open his eyes because he said it was too bright outside and my dear daughter insisted on sticking her tongue out for every picture. Ugh. So I feel the photo session pain!

My advice…. when you are planning your session, think of your self first. No truly, YOU first! Pic out your outfit. Wear what you think you look good in and are comfortable wearing. Plan to do your hair and put on some make-up. Then plan for your kids. I love secret impromptu pops of color on kids that we can play with…so a hair bow, flower, scarf, jean jacket, hat, boots, that we can pull out and toss in when the moment is right. And then make your beloved put something on that follows the theme of what you are wearing. If momma ain't happy then no one is happy!!! Come to the shoot a HAPPY momma! Just get to the session and then let me love on your family and EVERYTHING will work out or we will get some awesome pictures of it all falling apart (and I will make sure you look HOT in all the disaster photos). I got you, friend.


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