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Earth is so damn messy!

Clicked by Autumn Lee
Shoes removed before entering a temple in Chennai, India for prayer.

I see you sweet human.

It’s messy here, on Earth.

Firstly, gravity is slow, heavy, cumbersome. The weightless glowing essence you are, has been rooted/grounded on this mortal terrain.

You are a soul, a spirit, an entire vast sparkle of perfect God bliss, that has been tethered here to a body for a journey.

There are parameters to this journey, this playing field. Gravity is one of the constructs.

Actually, there are lots of rules here.

Karma, for one. That’s the big one.

Mostly, humans ignore the rules and toil through the game. Life.

Interestingly, we have the answer to win this adventure. But still, we suffer.

The answer is the message of EVERY single religion = The Golden Rule.

But the rub, is that no one actually does unto others the way the way they would truly like to be treated.

If we did, this existence would be full of equality, peace, joy, love, and the bliss of spiritual fulfillment for everyone, and that would be heaven.

Heaven is on Earth. We have the power and knowledge to make it so.

Buy we haven’t. Not yet. The New Earth is coming.

I see you sweet human.

It’s so messy here, on Earth.

You wanted to come. In fact, you volunteered to attend a figurative school on this blue marble.

You are here, at this time, and in this place for a reason. You have a purpose.

Inconveniently, you have forgotten your purpose. That’s part of the journey.

The purpose of your life is find your passion. Your highest vibration. Your self love.

The meaning of your life is to discover the best way to give your passion away. To share your gifts, whatever they may be, with the world.

It’s actually not easy. Many Earthly things get in the way.

All of this is done on a game board where you have no memory of your choice to come or of your immense sparkle.

Your knowledge of your divine perfection is wiped clean as you are throttled in to the human condition.

You chose this for a reason. You can do hard things.

I see you sweet human.

It’s so messy here, on Earth.

You came to viscerally inject the experience of joy, love, and gratitude and every other human emotion into you knowing.

These glorious and freakin’ heavy perceptual vibrations cause you to evolve as a spirit significantly faster.

Basically you are in a skin-suit upload of super sophisticated consciousness and you volunteered for this wild ride.

Why did you do that?

You are blindfolded to your glory, bound by gravity and Earth’s rules, smothered by heavy emotions and grasping to find your meaning and purpose…

all while trying to love and be loved, while not gathering karma and pretending to subscribe to The Golden Rule.

Giddyup ~ You got this.

I see you sweet human.

It’s so messy here, on Earth.

But you came and now you are here.

You have a job to do.

Feel your feels and grow with them and through them.

Find your self-love.

Discover your passions/gifts.

Uncover meaning in your life by giving your gifts away.

Try your best to follow The Golden Rule.

All while bound by gravity and with no memory that you are actually filled with the light of God.

Get busy! The New Earth is coming. The multiverse is counting on you.

Love, Autumn


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