Autumn here. I have missed you. I am not even going to ask “How are you?” …cause it’s the now time and the now time is wacko and I have been home with my kids for a zillion months and no one is ok. Anywhere. So, I adore you and I am totally here to help. You need pictures? 


I am slowly opening biz back up in January, February and March with some inside/outside social distant sessions from the studio. Mostly I am going to click on Fridays. If that doesn’t not work for you, let’s find a time that does. Also. As we plan our session together, let’s communicate about your comfort level and expectations around social distancing.  As always, I want your experience in my care to be filled with love, comfort and safety.  I will follow the current recommendations and wear a mask, clean well,  and stay six feet from you. Please share with me any concerns, information, and limitations that will make our session as enjoyable and successful for you as possible. 

` Hugs, autumn