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I believe in magic, moments, and miracles


I believe in
magic, moments, and miracles.
I believe in
hope, healing, and helping.
I believe in

Let's play!
Photo Fun - I will take the best care of


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My superpower is that I can see and read the magical quality of  light. It works really well for photography and it works extremely well for seeing the light and potential in others. It’s altruistic and full of love and rooted in great intention to raise the collective, for all our healing. It is my hope that in my presence you always feel seen, valued and heard.

We have never been more ready for this photography season. We can’t wait to play together. 

I believe in love and the connection of all things. 

I believe in raising the vibration.

I celebrate you; I see, hear, and value you. 

Come play! I will take the best care of you. 

I believe in weaving a parachute out of everything broken. 

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